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AC Meteorite Powder

AC Meteorite Powder introduces the idea of using materials from out of
space in cosmetics. Products with Meteorite dust are certain to catch the
attention of the media who just love the concept of something very different
yet completely natural. AC Meteorite Powder can be included in to all
types of personal care products to add the image of uniqueness and ‘special
strength’, just as Diamonds are being used to convey the image of luxury. The
fine Meteorite powder is an excellent exfoliator. It is especially designed not
to be gritty but to feel smooth on the skin. It is grey to brown in color so it is
very suitable for mineral make-up.

Meteorites are shooting stars that have fallen to Earth, entering our
atmosphere at speeds of up to 72 km (45 miles) per second and burning as
exceptionally brilliant balls of fire. 

Surprisingly, it is estimated that as much as 37,000-78,000 tons of meteorite
land on Earth per year, but most of these meteorites are dust-sized particles.
The larger meteorites are hard to find, which is why they remain very special.
Meteorites are hard rock with unique lenticular internal structures.

The best time to see shooting stars (and perhaps even see a Meteorite land) is
on a dark moonless night at around 4:00, when the Earth is orbiting towards
particles left behind by comets. You do not have to be superstitious to think
it is very lucky to find a meteorite. Traditional healers believe Meteorites
are gifts from other Worlds. They use them for their vibrant other-worldly
energy. Meteorites are also associated by healers with giving order to a chaotic
situation. They have been use to break old habits and cure phobias, to assist
spiritual growth, enhance psychic abilities and to connect with beings from
other realms.

AC Meteorite Powder is very stable. It can be easily incorporated into formulas
for skin care, hair care and color cosmetic products. It is recommended for all
types of personal care products but especially for Men’s grooming where its
image of ‘uniqueness’ and ‘special strength’ compliments the image that
precious stones give for prestige ranges aimed at women

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